Visual cellar, cellar feast – Tiszabábolna

In the centre of Tiszabábolna we would not even think what treasures are hidden, and not only on the surface we have to look for this. A few meters below the ground, we built it on the basement level of a wonderful guesthouse our medieval-style visual cellar, where you can taste wine and pálinka (traditional Hungarian drink) accompanied by a cellar feast, we organize beer demonstrations and tastings, possibly team building programs. During our wine and pálinka and beer tasting programs, we delight our taste system, while we pamper our souls, for the enjoyment of nectar is overcoming in everyday life lived under stress. If we like to drink these drinks, but not the different aromas and scents we can describe and categorize it because it lacks words, no worries, wine, beer and pálinka our expert will provide information about the experience with a good heart. In our programs, either a region and its wines, or a winery and its products, or the juices of different wine selections can be tasted together with delicious snacks. We welcome applications from groups of friends, families and corporate employees of up to 20 people, a table reservation for boys and girls arriving individually for a possible introductory evening. Also in our showroom with quiz games and other “chair-bound” team, building games our guests can have fun. Our salon musician provides the basic atmosphere of the event.