Event venue

There is an experience port in the village centre, next to the Bence Apartment, where you will arrive nature with a garden adorned with beautiful plants and a stream dripping on its borders. With us you can hide from the world, be here with those you really want. This is the Event venue Centre in Tiszabábolna. The event centre is beautiful, as it becomes what you want it to be. Here everything is available, be it a business event, a December year-end event or a dream wedding. We make sure the experience is perfect for the time spent here the best dishes on the plate. The convenient parking we provide it in a large parking lot next to our wonderful garden.


Wedding at the Event Venue Port

One of the most wonderful days of your life cannot be mediocre and boring. The basis of a picturesque wedding is location mouth-watering food in tasteful design. Experience Port is the most ideal a place to celebrate the beginning of your life together.

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Slaughter of at the Event Venue Port

In winter, as a popular program of groups of friends or a team-building opportunity with us there is also an opportunity to slaughter pigs as we feel this tradition is important in life to be passed on to posterity. Here the team can season the sausage and make under supervision of the professional.

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Team building, cooking together at the Event Venue Port

Stepping out of everyday life, be part of a special experience; created together with our colleagues in an authentic environment at the Tiszabábolna Event Venue Port. Team building cooking is one an informal program where collaboration, problem solving, conversation in everyday life is realized in an unusual situation.

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Wine dinner at the Event Venue Port - weekend program

Wine has accompanied man for many thousands of years. Taste and smell spread in the body and soul. Who loves a wine, but in addition to enjoying the wonderful nectar, you want more, your dreams come true during a wine dinner they can become. Our goal is for more and more people to worship the gastronomy and viticulture of heaven marriage.

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Üzleti rendezvény

Business, family, friendly event venue at the Event Venue Port

At the Tiszabábolna Event Venue Port for can be booked a private event or business event. It is possible to rent the venue without a restaurant service. On the other hand, it is affordable. In case of an offer, it is also worth thinking about the offer of the Tutajos Restaurant.

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