Team building, cooking together at the Event Venue Port

Team building, cooking together at the Event Venue Port

Stepping out of everyday life, be part of a special experience; created together with our colleagues in an authentic environment at the Tiszabábolna Event Venue Port. Team building cooking is one an informal program where collaboration, problem solving, conversation in everyday life is realized in an unusual situation. Our chef can help you with common cooking, grilling and frying on a plate. There is an indoor garden experience kitchen with oven and all utensils that for your convenience.

Team building, other optional program packages:

  • 1-day team building package
  • 1 day + 1 night team building package
  • 2 day + 1 night team building package

Services in the village:

  • Lunch: Tutajos Restaurant - cauldron goulash, Tutajos strudel trilogy, mineral water, coffee
  • Breakfast at the accommodation: showcase from local farmers workshops (homemade sausages, homemade cheese, freshly baked baguette, boiled eggs, vegetables, herbs, goose fat, homemade jam, orange juice, milk)
  • Dinner: cellar dinner with wine tasting, bar pianist, wine expert in our wine cellar
  • Accommodation: in our guest houses

Optional experiences in nature:

  • Tisza and Tisza - lake tour with guide for about 3 hours (Tisza IX. Rinsing canal, Valki basin Bird sanctuary)
  • Tisza and Lake Tisza tour guide-small tour about 1 hour (backwater canal, living Tisza)
  • Bicycle tour with rented bike along the Tisza
  • For an outdoor program if we have a snack on the soft lap of nature: cheeses, herbs, crispy homemade bread, fresh vegetables, homemade smoked sausage, ham, bacon)
  • Horse-drawn carriage rides in the village

Quiz games in the conference room:

  • Hungary- quiz
  • Part-whole: the essence of the game is to guess the whole from the given detail. Let's be the detail a slice of a famous image, a chorus of a song, or a piece of map as they are famous actors, famous buildings, hit lyrics…
  • Retro quiz: film, music, advertising, everyday objects, in stores anno achieved food, cars, cosmetics… wide range of repertoire related issues by giving the answer you can get points quickly by the team that gives a good answer.
  • 3: 1 = True: False: Each of the participating players writes 3 true and 1 false statements about themselves. The referee collects the papers and then reads out the statements seen. To the players they need to find out who is behind the statement and also, explain which statement is read out among the fake.

Optional extra programs and services:

  • Wellness use: adventure pool, Jacuzzi
  • Room rental with or without device (projection screen, projector)
  • Preparation of cookies: which contains sweet and savoury cookies
  • Mineral water preparation: containing carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water and coffee
  • Beverage package preparation: containing soft drinks (carbonated, fibrous), mineral water and coffee