Wine dinner at the Event Venue Port - weekend program

Wine dinner at the Event Venue Port - weekend program

Wine has accompanied man for many thousands of years. Taste and smell spread in the body and soul. Who loves a wine, but in addition to enjoying the wonderful nectar, you want more, your dreams come true during a wine dinner they can become. Our goal is for more and more people to worship the gastronomy and viticulture of heaven marriage. Thanks to the pairing of wines and food with a pleasant taste, it is a real culinary experience for those who take part in our organized wine dinners, on a date with excellent wines and gourmet dishes.

An insight into our joint weekend:

  • Accommodation in nearby guesthouse
  • Breakfast, lunch
  • The completion of a gastronomic experience in the spirit of the Wine Dinner
  • Visit to the neighbouring cellar, wine tasting, brandy tasting, beer tasting

„Bor, te ünnep ékes gyolcsa, május hímes köntöse,
Víg tüzek víg kürtöse, őserők tűz - isten korcsa.
Bor, ma téged megrabollak, mellem érted döng s tüzel,
Bor, téged vasárnap_napollak.
Bor, ó égjünk, égjünk együtt el!”

- József Attila